Mounting Options

Slide Lock web1

Nautech Slide-lock Mounting Option

If rod holder mounting isn't an option on your boat due to lack of space, then this just might be the system for you.  Nautech Marine have designed a new slide-lock mounting system, which eliminates the need for rod holder mounting.  This is the only type like it on the market!  Just simply weld, screw or bolt the base plate to your boat, and the bait station slides into place when required.

The new Slide-lock system comes in either aluminium or marine grade stainless steel.


Rod Holder Mounting Option

Our most commonly sold mounting option would be the rod holder version (closely followed by the slide-lock!).  It simply slots into existing or new rod holder mounts.

Since every boat may have a slightly different width between rod holders, we ensure the exact dimensions are confirmed before finalizing the bait station to be sure it will fit firmly in place.

It is easily removeable so it can be locked away from thieving hands, and as with all our bait stations it is very easy to clean.


ski pole deluxe

Ski Pole Mounting Option

For those people wishing to utilise their existing ski pole, this is a very useful accessory when you want to take a break from skiing!

The Nautech Marine bait station simply slides over the top of the ski pole and firmly locks into place.  There a many different types of ski poles around, however we have designed a bait station for pretty much every one of them.

If you would like a ski pole fitted at the same time, we can do that too!



Ski Arch Mounting Option

Another mounting option we designed was for the common RHIB vessel as there just didn't seem to be any bait station options in the market for this boat owner.

Once again this mounting system is very simple, and locks into place firmly.  Since there are various ski arches in the market we once again request dimensions to ensure our product fits securely.