Ski Arches & Ski Poles

Nautech Marine ski arches and ski poles are manufactured individually from marine grade stainless steel, and proudly become a permanent fixture to your boat.  We ensure the end result is top quality, practical, aesthetically pleasing and will last the distance.

Ski arches can be rolled to various radius, designs and shapes depending on individual requirements. We can also add additional attachments such as rod holders, flag holders, anchor lights and aerials.  Our bait stations can also be designed to attach as an optional extra.

Send us an enquiry or call us today to discuss your requirements.

  IMG_4230 IMG_4226 IMG_4227  002003 Ski arch MAC 360 1 Ski arch MAC 360 3 Ski Arch3 IMG_1495 Ski-Arch-Terminator2 (1) Ski-Arch-Terminator Ski-Arch-Terminator3 IMG_4030 Ski Arch Light Mount3 Ski Arch Anchor Light Mount Ski Arch Light Mount1 Ski Arch 2a Ski Arch