Rocket Launchers

Rocket Launcher1Nautech Marine can custom make and install stainless and aluminium rocket launchers to customers boats that already have existing canopies.

If you are looking for a complete rocket launcher and bimini top option, please see our Bimini Tops section Bimini Tops.

Our highly skilled staff will design a rocket launcher that will compliment your boat by being the correct height, shape and width for the boat owner.  We will also install as many rod holders as requested with the option of an anchor/navigation and deck light mounting bracket.

There is also the option of a folding aluminium or stainless steel rocket launcher allowing maximum storage when required.

A few examples of rocket launchers we have done are shown below.  Contact us today to discuss your idea.

   Rocket launcher1 Vision 6.2 Rocket launcher Fisherman3 Rocket Launcher Soft Top Aluminium 1 Rocker Launcher folding Rocket Launcher Folding1 Rocket Launcher1 Rocket Launcher Hard Top S52 Rocket Launcher Hard Top SS1 Rocket Launcher SS1 Lazercraft rocket launcher1 Lazercraft rocket launcher3 Trophy stainless steel rocket launcher6 Trophy stainless steel rocket launcher1 Trophy stainless steel rocket launcher2 Trophy stainless steel rocket launcher4 Trophy stainless steel rocket launcher5 Lazercraft rocket launcher2 Kingfisher rocket launcher1 Kiwi Kraft 550 rocket launcher Kiwi Kraft 550 rocket launcher1 Kiwi Kraft 550 rocket launcher2