Bimini Tops

Bimini tops are not easily bought off the shelf for every boat on the market, and often are not of great quality, don't always fit properly and are difficult to install.  Nautech Marine custom make and install quality stainless or aluminium bimini tops using the boat as the template, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Every bimini top we design is practical and easy to maneuver around based on the customers requirements.  We include an eyebrow type canopy, with clears, navigation lights, backdrop and road cover if required.  The majority of our bimini's are folding allowing maximum storage ability when required.  This is the beauty of having your bimini top custom made and installed!

Contact Nautech Marine today for a quote.  There aren't many boats we haven't done!

Some of the many examples of our work are below;

Stabi Craft 509 Bimini Top1 Stabi Craft 509 Bimini Top McLay 560 Cruiser Bimini Top Extreme Sportfisher 570 Bimini Top1 Extreme Sportfisher 570 Bimini Top Scorpion Bimini Top bimini tops IMG_7435 IMG_7436 Bimini Rocket Launcher Stabi Craft1 Bimini Rocket Launcher Stabi Craft Seaboss 6.7 bimini1 Seaboss 6.7 bimini Seaboss 6.7 bimini2 Ramco Fishmaster 600 bimini1 Ramco Fishmaster 600 bimini Vision bimini Haines Signature 630 bimini1 Haines Signature 630 bimini Scorpion Reel 530 bimini hardtop Scorpion Reel 530 bimini hardtop1 Lazercraft 580 bimini1 Lazercraft 580 bimini Lazercraft 580 bimini2 Bonito bimini rocket launcher1 Bonito bimini rocket launcher Bonito bimini rocket launcher2 Senator Bimini and Rocket Launcher Senator Bimini and Rocket Launcher1 Surtees Sport Fisher bimini1 Surtees Sport Fisher bimini Surtees Sport Fisher bimini2 McLay 530 Bimini2 McLay 530 Bimini1 McLay 530 Bimini3 Bonito 535 Multisport rocket launcher bimini top1 Bonito 535 Multisport rocket launcher bimini top Bonito 535 Multisport rocket launcher bimini top2 DNA 500 2 DNA 500 1 DNA 500 3 Stabi Craft Bimini2 Stabi Craft Bimini1 Stabi Craft Bimini3 Frewza F14 rocket launcher Frewza F14 rocket launcher1 Everyman rocket launcher2 Everyman rocket launcher1 Everyman rocket launcher Ramco 650 6 Ramco 650 5 Ramco 650 4 Ramco 650 2 Fyran 550 rocket launcher6 Fyran 550 rocket launcher5 Fyran 550 rocket launcher4 Fyran 550 rocket launcher3 Fyran 550 rocket launcher Fyran 550 rocket launcher1 Fi Glass Lightning Rocket Launcher2 Fi Glass Lightning Rocket Launcher1 Fi Glass Lightning Rocket Launcher Chaiauli2 515 Chaiauli1 515 Chaiauli 515 Rocket Launcher SS4 Rocket Launcher Folding Ramco 600 Rocket launcher on Ramco2 Rocket launcher1 Vision 6.2 Rocket Launcher with Bimini Surtees Workmate3 Rocket launcher Fisherman2 Rocket launcher Fisherman1 Frewza1 Frewza2