Bait Station Examples

Slide-lock mounting on a McLay

Our most recent Slide-lock mounting system is shown here on a McLay 600HT. This mounting system looks clean and tidy when set up or removed, and the mounting base requires very little space to firmly fix it in place. This particular mounting system is ideal for a boat which has limited space beneith the stern to mount any bait station onto.

Ski pole mounting

Removeable deluxe bait station with existing ski pole mounting.  Designed with a pin type locking system so as the assembly can easily be stowed away flat in the boat when not in use.

Permanent railing & bait station

This particular design allowed the owner to maximise the space on his boat, simply by utilising the opportunity to design a separate fishing area where he could safely position himself close to the bait station, chilly bin, hand rails and rod holders.

Rod holder & bait station unit

The owner of this boat not only requested a combined rod holder and bait station unit, but also wanted his favourite BBQ modified to fit into the rod holder mounts.

You just can't beat the taste of freshly cooked fish!

Railing with rod holders

This custom made railing was manufactured and installed on a Mustang 2800.

It consists of a permanent solid railing, combined with four rod holders and a Deluxe bait station that slips into two rod holder mounts.